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Anxiety Disorders Come In Many Forms

Why do so many people suffere from anxiety? Anxiety disorders are gaining a lot of attention as American public service campaigns call on friends to stick close to their acquaintances with mental illness. Anxiety disorders come in many forms, and some people are good at controlling the outward symptoms.

The commercials that air on national television touch on the isolating patterns that often develop with anxiety disorders and urge people to seek help for and maintain a level of support for the person suffering.

But, just how prevalent are anxiety disorders in the U.S. and what forms can they take on? According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, this collective condition affects some 40 million Americans.

With a number of different forms, anxiety disorders can range from rather generalized presentations to very precise fears and phobias.

Anxiety Disorders Come In Many Forms

The different anxiety disorders include:


Affecting some 6.8 million Americans age 18 or older, this form of anxiety disorder is characterized by paralyzing worry over everyday things.

People with this condition can find themselves blocked off from life by fears that grow from justified to irrational. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, people might actually think they are dying while in the midst of a panic attack.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

With some 2.2 million Americans impacted by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), it is the least prevalent of the anxiety disorders. This condition is characterized by a compulsion to perform repetitive acts in almost a ritualistic manner. Hand washing or wringing is a common behavior in this condition.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorders involve fears of panic attacks themselves. It strikes some 6 million people and can be rather debilitating.

Since panic attacks mimic heart attacks and other serious conditions, people quite often literally believe they are dying while in their throes. In some cases, anything that has triggered a panic attack in the past will be avoided at all costs. For example, driving, eating out in public and other routine things.

Post Traumatic Stress (PTDS)

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)is believed to impact about 7.7 million people. It is brought on by extreme trauma, such as rape, abuse or witnessing a violent act.

Social Anxiety

With 15 million people suffering from social anxiety, the condition is considered quite severe. In fact, social anxiety is the form of anxiety targeted by the public service campaigns on American television. In its worst form, people with this condition avoid public situations at virtually all costs.


An irrational fear of heights, spiders, snakes and other such things can cause a person to suffer from severe anxiety called a "phobia". Phobias strikes an estimated 19 million people and covers a host of different subject matter.

Anxiety disorders come in many different forms and are more common than many people realize. When the symptoms are strong and they sideline a person from everyday activities, help should be sought.

Medical doctors, psychologists and other therapists can assist patients with a variety of medicinal, natural and therapeutic methods.

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